Hollard Jozi Urban MTB Experience: Transforming the Braamfontein Spruit


Create positive partnerships that keep the Braamfontein Spruit alive for years to come? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

The Hollard JUMA, taking place on the 29th May 2016 at Marks Park, is a mountain bike race that turns the worlds’ biggest urban forest into the ultimate mountain biker’s playground with a course build worth over R1.5 million.

The Hollard JUMA chatted to Louise Gordon, General Manager  New Business Development for Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo about the partnership, transformation and future of the Braamfontein Spruit.

On the Partnership…

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) is absolutely thrilled to be a partner in the Hollard JUMA and Hollard JURA events.

Trail running and Mountain biking has most definitely grown in popularity and one can see this in the increasing number of people using our parks to freely exercise without having to pay gym fees.

The event is a great testimony and encouragement to living a healthy and active lifestyle in one of the busiest metropolitans in Africa. Sporting events accessible to families and people of all ages adds a new dimension to our parks. It Is part of our mandate to increase usage of our parks and the City of Johannesburg places high priority on promoting healthy lifestyles that are cost effective for all communities.

The Hollard JUMA and Hollard JURA really show the potential of a great adventure and new form of exercise right at your doorstep.

On the Positive Impact…

The Hollard JUMA and Hollard JURA has left legacy builds such as new bridges and underpass crossings to ensure the safety of all users. The race has taken into consideration the busy roads around the parks and, where possible, has implemented structures to enable users to avoid potentially getting knocked over by cars. This improves the use of the areas for motorists and the various users.

The Braamfontein Spruit has areas that are not as active; the increased number of Spruit users, as a result of the event, has increased visibility in these areas and we’ve seen a decrease in overall crime.

These events also contribute to the creation of a variety jobs and JCPZ will always support such initiatives.

On the Future…

JCPZ has realised that their management with regards to the needs of the different Braamfontein Spruit users are not up to standard.

There is no management of erosion or decay and no signage regarding rules in place to avoid conflict amongst the different users. With this in mind we have decided to appoint a consulting firm to draught a management plan taking into consideration all users of the Spruit.

We hope to appoint the firm by end of April. The intention is to avoid conflict between walkers, runners and cyclist and to ensure the sustainability of the Spruit. This management plan will also ensure that events are part and parcel of the use of the Spruit to enhance and encourage more users in a sustainable way.

Our partnership with BAM and the Hollard JUMA and Hollard JURA events has highlighted the continued need for upgrading the area to ensure that events are successful and that daily users get the most out of their experience in the safest possible way.

This partnership will also enable JCPZ to implement the plan once approved – an exciting future for all users is on its way!

From the Organisers…

Russell Willis, Event Organiser, comments: “Without the JCPZ involvement and commitment, these events would not be possible. From making the parks available and accessible, to the assistance in the pre and post race clean ups to the manpower they supply and much more.

They are also active participants and always have a large team of runners and riders taking part in both events. We’re proud to be in partnership with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo and we look forward to continuing to work together to create a Braamfontein Spruit that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Play your part in keeping the Spruit alive. Enter the Hollard JUMA today. The Hollard JUMA takes place on the 29th May 2016. Entry fees are R399 for the 54km and R299 for the 22km. For more information on the Hollard JUMA follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/urbanMTB or on Twitter @JUMAMTB

Supporters and those who don’t live life on two wheels also have the opportunity to join in on the fun at Marks Park!  Fun for the whole family including: a mini MTB route for kiddies, an SAB beer garden and “Gig Rig”, Joburg’s top food stalls, an ABI family area, and much more. Follow all the latest news and announcements via social media by following us on www.facebook.com/urbanmtb or on Twitter @JUMAMTB