Day Two and Three offer many thrills at SA Track Champs


With a few days of competition under their belts riders started registering some quick times on days two and three of the South African National Track Championships on Wednesday and Thursday with sprint ace Nolan Hoffman grabbing the headlines as he took the Men’s Points race whilst Maroeskja Matthee’s bid for nine gold medals was diminished when she ended third in the Elite Women’s Time Trial.

The second day of the competition dished up a variety of races from the Elite Men’s Sprint Races to the Elite Women’s points races and the racing was hard fought with a surprise coming in the men’s sprint event as the more fancied Jean Smith lost out to Kyle Borchjes in the Elite Men’s Sprint event.

Day three saw one of the upsets of the event as star Matthee was unable to claim another gold medal which would have put her well on her way to that magic nine gold medals mark. She had to settle for a bronze in the Elite Women’s Time Trial as Odette van Deventer and Bernette Beyers ended ahead of her.

President of Cycling South Africa William Newman has been impressed by what he has seen over the first three days of the competition but not only at the elite level of racing but throughout the age groups.

“We have had a great first few days of competition,” Newman said. “I have been hugely impressed with the entries from our ladies as well as throughout the junior age groups because this is where we can identify the talent for the future.

“The numbers have been really good which just shows the increasing popularity of track cycling throughout the country,” he added.

There have been a few standout performances throughout the event and Newman believes that if the riders had the better facilities throughout the country then they would be able to produce event better results.

“Imagine we had velodromes in all nine provinces? We would have riders performing on quality facilities every week and that would make our track cycling even stronger. It makes sense for us to grow track cycling as at the Olympics there are ten gold medals on offer and at the Commonwealth Games there are 13 track medals up for grabs so it makes sense to grow the event,” Newman mentioned.

One of the stand-out performers through the opening two days of the championships Grenville Scullard, who has bagged two gold medals so far in the competition has felt good throughout the event and feels that his performances have gone according to plan.

“I am much more of a sprint focused rider so my two golds have come in the 500m Time Trial and in the Match Sprint event,” he said. “I am really happy with the way the championships have gone for me so far and picking up two golds is something that I am really proud of and I hope that I can maybe win a few more!”

Grenville still has his sights set on a few more medals through the rest of the event although these events do not necessarily fall under his preferred events but he feels that if he gets himself amongst the other riders during the race he will have a chance to get himself another podium finish.

“The 1500m is a bit of a lottery with it being a bunch sprint race so I don’t quite know what to expect and the Scratch Race is a lot longer than I am used to but with both of those if I can just keep myself in the race and give myself a chance going into the finish then I think I will be in with a shout for a medal!” he added.

The Hector Norris Park has a special place in the heart of Grenville who has been the man in charge of looking after the track for a number of years so he knows the ins-and-outs of the track and he is enjoying racing a national championship on his home track for the first time in 15 years.

“We last had a South African Champs here in 2005 and that was when I started looking after the venue and the track and I can promise you we didn’t have the same weather then!” he chuckled. Being able to ride in a national championships at your home track is always a real plus and I have enjoyed taking on the country’s best in my own back yard.”


Elite Men Sprint (916m)
1.Kyle Borchjes 11.05
2.Jean Smith 10.94
3.Ryan Gibbons 11.25

Elite Men Team Pursuit (4000m)
1.VWE Elite 4:34.29
2.Team Abantu 4:37.43
3.WC Elite 5:02.12

Elite Women 1500m (1.5km)
1.Maroesjka Matthee
2.Bernette Beyers
3.Ilze Bole

Junior Men Sprint (916m)
1.Mitch Sparrow 11.36
2.Alroy Palm 11.82
3.Wayde Theunissen 12.04

Junior 1500M Women (1.5km)
1.Jennifer Abbot
2.Danielle van Niekerk
3.Jessica Gerber

Elite Women Points Race (20km)
1.Maroesjka Matthee 45PTS
2.Ilze Bole 36PTS
3.Elfrieda Wolfaardt 17PTS

Junior Women Points Race (20km)
1.Jennifer Abbot 1PT
2.Jessica Gerber
3.Danielle van Niekerk

Under 10 Girls Individual Pursuit (1000m)
1.Kita Uys 1:47.09
2.Kyla Uys 1:59.16

Under 10 Boys Individual Pursuit (1000m)
1.Zakariyyaa Martin 1:40.67 (New SA Record)
2.Conor Luck 1:42.74
3.Marcel Moore 1:47.78

Under 12 Girls Individual Pursuit (1500m)
1.Chante Olivier 2:27.79 (New SA Record)

Under 12 Boys Individual Pursuit (1500m)
1.Chanton Perrins 2:31.30
2.Etienne Kros 2:35.54

Under 14 Girls Individual Pursuit (1500m)
1.Simone Faber 2:21.59 (New SA Record)
2.Kelsey van Schoor 2:26.23
3.Sarah Kilian 2:35.90

Under 14 Boys Individual Pursuit (1500m)
1.Caleb Buchel 2:06.82 (New SA Record)
2.Imtiyaaz van der Hoven 2:09.83
3.Eric Kros 2:28.02

Under 16 Boys Time Trial (500m)
1.Daniyal Matthews 37.10
2.Devin Shortt 37.30
3.Demarco Pillay 37.32

Junior Men Team Pursuit (4000m)
1.Gauteng Junior Men 4:53.94?
2.WC A Junior Men 5:00.83?
3.WC B Junior Men 5:30.11

Junior & 35-39 Women 1500 (1.5km)
1.Jennifer Abbot
2.Monique King
3.Danielle van Niekerk

50-59 Women Sprint (916m)
1.Val Scheppel
2.Diane Scullard
3.Kobie Marais

40-44 Women Sprint (916m)
1.Elisa Gianchino
2.Amanda Wray

65+ Men Sprint (916m) Final
1.Wendell Bole
2.Maurice Connor

60-64 Men Sprint (916m)
1.Noel Ziady?2.Johan Spies

40-44 Women Sprint (916m)
1.Elisa Gianchino
2.Amanda Ray

65+ Men Sprint (916m)
1.Wendell Bole
2.Maurice Connor

Women 35-39 Points Race Final
Suzan Bowman


Master Women Team Pursuit (2000m)
1.Gauteng 2:54.72

55+ Men Team Pursuit (3000m)
1.Gauteng A 3:58.66
2.KZN 4:02.65
3.Gauteng B 4:16.43

45-54 Men Team Pursuit (3000m)
1.Gauteng 3:43.74

35-44 Men Team Pursuit (3000m)
1.Gauteng 3:28.77 NR
2.Western Cape 3:43.86

C4 Women Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Roxy Burns 5:04.73

C2 and C3 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
C2 - 1.Craig Ridgard 4:23.18
C3 - 1.Juan Odendaal 4:28.25 NR

C4 Men Individual Pursuit (4000m)
1.Werner van Onselen 6:09.82

C5 Men Individual Pursuit (4000m)
1.Dane Wilson 5:27.14 NR

Boys Under 10 1500 (1.5km)
1.Zakariyyaa Martin
2.Marcel Moore
3.Timothy Killian

Girls Under 12 1500 (1.5km)
1.Kita Uys
2.Kyla Uys

Under 12 Boys 1500 (1.5km)
1.Chanton Perrins
2.Etienne Kros

Under 14 Girls 1500 (1.5km)
1.Simone Faber
2.Megan Caldecott
3.Kelsey van Schoor

60-64 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Ilna Lemmer 3:05.29 NR

55-59 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Diane Scullard 2:59.97

50-54 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Val Scheppel 3:11.20
2.Kobie Marais 3:41.12

45-49 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Annelise Pretorius 3:02.91

40-44 Women Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Elisa Gianchino 2:44.25 NR
2.Amanda Wray 2:56.69

75-79 Men Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Maurice Connor 2:50.17 NR

Under 16 Girls Sprint (916m)
1.Ashleigh Parsons
2.Nikita Oosthuysen

35-39 Women Time Trial (500m)
1.Monique King 39.05
2.Suzan Bowman 41.22
3.Carla Gianchino 44.63

Junior Women Time Trial (500m)
1.Jennifer Abbot 39.22
2.Jessica Gerber 42.96
3.Melissa Schoonbee 43.52

Elite Women Time Trial (500m)
1.Odette van Deventer 36.96
2.Bernette Beyers 37.27
3.Maroesjka Matthee 38.38

55-59 Men Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Gerrit Schepers 2:32.01
2.George van Rooyen 2:38.16
3.Bart Nel 2:40.21

50-54 Men Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Bruce Viljoen 2:31.20
2.David Vigar 2:37.17
3.Roberto Gnudi 2:37.28

45-49 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Martin Van Wyk 3:43.53
2.Glen Brydges 3:55.85
3.Douw Grundling 3:57.07

Under 16 Boys Sprint (916m)
1.Brinton Comeroden
2.Callum McGillivray
3.Abdul Mutttalib Sauls

40-44 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Jacques Fullard 3:44.11
2.Benjy Stoch 3:49.75
3.Faizel Thomas 3:49.76

35-39 Men Individual Pursuit (3000m)
1.Michael Oosthuysen 3:40.36
2.Gert Fouche 3:41.03
3.Gary Rabie 3:43.51

Under 16 Girls Individual Pursuit (2000m)
1.Ashleigh Parsons 3:04.84
2.Nikita Oosthuysen 3:37.36

Junior Women Scratch Race (5km)
1.Jennifer Abbot
2.Jessica Gerber
3.Melissa Schoonbee

35-39 Women Scratch Race (5km)
1.Suzan Bowman
2.Carla Gianchino

Elite Women Scratch Race (10km)
1.Maroesjka Matthee
2.Ilze Bole
3.Elfieda Wolfaardt

Junior Men Points Race (25km)
1.Richard Waylin Young 58pts
2.Joshua van Wyk 36pts
3.Eckhard Binding 20pts

Elite Men Points Race (40km)
1.Nolan Hoffman 67pts
2.HB Kruger 44pts
3.David Maree 39pts