Bianchi Oltre XR4 CV Carbon

Title: SIZE 55 CJ
R 71,299


The Bianchi Oltre XR4 is your key to aerodynamic performance on the road. With a balance of aerodynamic features and lightweight climbing ability, this bike nestles into the aero road bike category without losing the qualities that make it a great climber. This is Bianchi’s most aerodynamic frame to date and was created using Computational Fluid Dynamic software to consider various iterations of geometry and tube shape. The wind tunnel was utilized to finally settle on what became the Oltre XR4. As a result, this bike can require 20 watts of power less to hit the same speeds as the XR2. With a new fork profile and headtube shaping, there is no question that Bianchi is making moves in the aero world.

A huge bright spot on Bianchi’s top bikes is their Countervail integrated vibration cancelling system. This patented viscoelastic material is incorporated within the carbon and cancels up to 80 percent of vibrations you would typically experience on the road. The cancellation of these vibrations will keep your muscles from fatiguing for longer so you can keep your best pace mile after mile. Less vibration also means that you will have the maximum stiffness through the frame and fork of your Oltre XR4 so you can reap the full benefits of its aerodynamic design.

The Countervail system is also partially to thank for the outstanding stability of the Bianchi Oltre XR4. For a bike that can hit such high speeds, control is a necessity. Luckily, this system will help you feel confident on fast accelerations as well as daunting mountain descents or high-speed cornering. Less vibration though your frame makes for a smoother ride and a machine that is easy to control. The Oltre XR4 Frameset is home to a direct mount braking system that gives you extra confidence on descents with its powerful braking and stopping speed.

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